Level 2 – Accredited Service Provider

We are an authorised Ausgrid and Essential Energy ASP2. Allowing us to install, repair or maintain the overhead or underground service lines between your home and the electricity network, including the installation of metering equipment and energising the installation.

Class 2A – Disconnect/ Reconnect

Authorised to disconnect and reconnect existing overhead service connections to allow for alterations to your home installation including the relocation of the point of service line attachment.

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Class 2B – Underground Service Connections

Next Level Electrical are authorised to carry out work on underground services up to a rating of 200 amps.

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Class 2C – Overhead Service Connections

NLE are authorised to carry out work on overhead services up to a rating of 200 amps for both Ausgrid and Essentially Energy.

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Class 2D – Metering and Energising

We’re experienced in the installation of Smart meters, Type 5 and Type 6 meters and are authorised to energise new installations up to 200 Amps.

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